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Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of my dream go to destinations. The culture is what intrigues me because it is so beautiful and rich, I always think of all the gold they wear. Thailand means the land of free or smiles because they are known for their smiles and they greet people being endearing and loving.  I definitely wouldn’t mind feeling loved! 🙂

Over 90% of Thailand practice Buddhism, they believe that every individual has several lives each depicted by their previous past lives. You could say Karma. I respect how they believe in compassion, selfishness and love. There purpose is to eliminate all desire which is known as Nirvana meaning that you are completely one with his or her surroundings.

The traditional costume that Thai people wear is normally a rich silk fabric that is properly tailored. The always look so neat and put together, not only do they look gorgeous but the food looks just as gorgeous as how the people look!








So I found two regimes that Thai people use to get that healthy glowing skin. I would like to stress that I love natural products and I find they work really well. Most products out there are full of chemicals, which I’m not going to lie, scare me.

Anyways, the first one that I’m going mention is Lemon grass. This is a great way to open your pores and get rid of any oil and dirt on your face. Grab a pot and boil the lemon grass in water, after this has been boiled place a towel over your head. The towel will hang over the head making sure the steam does not escape. It’s like sauna for your face.

The second is very simple, all you do is cut a papaya and scrub your face with the cut fruit. This will nourish the skin making it look healthy and brighter.

So there ya go! Enjoy some Thailand beauty secrets.





Killing me Softly

Most of you have probably heard of these documentaries by Jean Kilbourne, there are four of the Killing me Softly documentaries. Kilbourne shares her studies on the image of women portrayed in advertising and what health issues are affected from it. The issue does mostly aim at woman but it does mention men as well. The issue she stresses is that we are being objectified and made into sex symbols in the media which in result leads to different types of health issues such as low self of esteem, anorexia and depression. We think Jean Kilbourne is doing a great job at making this a known issue to the public and we should help get the word across as well.

The thing with the fashion industry is that it encourages a woman to look a certain way, a size 0, young, “beautiful” and sexy. As stated in Killing me Softly 4, 5% of women have the “model” body type and 95% of woman are of other body types such as pear shape. So basically what the media is telling us is that rest of us 95% women have to look like the other 5%. We’re sure you’ve all heard this issue multiple times but more awareness will get more people involved which will lead to a successful movement.

We want to see healthy people in the media not underweight nor overweight, I think we should be stressing this to society. At such a young age children are being influenced by what is sexy and beautiful and they strive to achieve that look. Little do they its impossible to look like that, majority of the ads shown out there have been photo shopped. Just by knowing that it is fake, helps people realize that that person you are looking at and wanting to become is fantasy, they don’t exist. I hope in the future we can see healthy, real, uniquely beautiful people in the media and we will do our best to help this movement.

Elma and Willis

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz…

Willis here!  Annie Leibovitz, who was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, has photographed many famous people around the world including John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Queen Elizabeth II, and Barack Obama.  I just finished watching a documentary called “Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens”, which was a very interesting look at her life as a photographer.

“In order to get the best possible pictures, one had to become part of what was going on.”
– Annie Leibovitz

Annie believed that in order to take great pictures one had to first integrate themselves into the lifestyle of their subjects.  Annie had used this philosophy when she went on tour with the Rolling Stones.  Before long, she was around them so often that it didn’t seem strange for her to be taking photos.  Keith Richards had said that “she can see things that I can’t”.  Of course touring with The Rolling Stones had its own dangers…

Of course you can’t forget the iconic photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono that Annie took five hours before John was shot and killed.  This image was praised for capturing John’s relationship with Yoko.

So yeah, if you get a chance, I would check out the documentary and Annie Leibovitz’s work.



Elma here! Recently I watched a documentary on these street graffiti artists, I must say their art was pretty wicked. Even though in most cities around the world it is prohibited which is a shame but then again I cant blame them for banning it. Vandalism is illegal, so kids stay away from vandalism and drugs :). Anyways the documentary was called Exit through the Gift Shop (I recommend the watch). The movie made its debut in 2010 at the Sundance Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentry. It all started with a shoemaker who turned filmmaker, he began filming everything in his life and eventually fell into the world of graffiti street life. He was so captivated by graffiti artists that he began filming their adventures. As the movie went a long he ran into “BANSKY” a famous British known stencil artist with a hidden identity.  His artwork had been displayed all over Britain and eventually around the world, the images definitely issued controversy but I think they were brilliant and humorous at the same time. Here, I’ve attached some of my favorites but watch the movie!