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Ahhh crystal clear blue waters, beautiful islands, fascinating villages, archaeological and historical sites, what more could you want. Greece is a country that I would love to visit and one day I am sure I will. Another thing I love about Greece is Greek Mythology, I think the knowledge of these gods is pretty universal. The beauty of the stories and the diversity of the different gods definitely intrigue individuals.

Fact: Greece is officially known as Hellenic Republic which this may sound stupid but I did not know however, I do know that this was the birth place of olympic games.

One thing that we found to be pretty prevalent in Greece for beauty regimens is,
Olive Oil. This oil can be used for hair, face, body, nails, lips, hands and feet. The main reason olive oil is used is to moisturize and nourish any part of the body from hair to lips. I’ve been reading that Cretan olive oil is preferred. This oil is an ingredient in some beauty products such anti-wrinkle creams.

Face: This product can be used as a makeup remover; it even gets rid of that stubborn
makeup. I tried it yesterday and it really worked!  Climate changes can be hard on your skin but slather on some oil and this will protect and moisturize your face. Make sure to apply in small circular motions. Also, men can use this on their face to shave and it works on different skin types.

Body: Not only is olive oil used to moisture but in can also be used as an ingredient in a scrub. Add salt, sugar and olive oil together to create this scrub. For your nails, warm olive oil in a small bowl and soak your nails for about 10 mins. This will leave your nails and cuticles healthy and soft. Feet can get dry and cracked very easily, rub some olive oil on your feet, put some socks on and go to bed. By morning they will be soft and definitely will reduce the cracking.

Hair: Olive oil is a great hair treatment if you have colored, dry, damaged or even getting rid of dandruff. Massage olive oil in your hair, cover your hair with either a plastic bag or cap and leave it in for about 20 – 30 mins.They say if you use olive oil that has hint of rosemary it works for dark hair. For lighter/fairer hair use olive oil with chamomile.

Now go try these. I have the olive oil in my hair as we speak!





It is so beautiful when Japanese women dress up in their traditional clothing, the makeup looks so soft and angelic, and their kimonos are so colorful full of beautiful flower designs. Did you know that there are two types of Kimonos? Tomesode is worn by married woman and Furisode is worn by unmarried women. Tomesode do not have designs above the waistline and Furisode have extremely long sleeves. Geisha girls also come in my mind when thinking about Japan from watching the movie “Geisha” (great movie by the way). They are known for being graceful and beautiful performers.

I remember watching The Oprah Winfrey show one day and a woman from Japan was a guest. She was talking about what beauty regimes are often used in Japan. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but native Japanese woman have the smoothest skin. Do you want to know how to get flawless skin used by Japanese women?

Nightingale Droppings, yes it is poop but the acting agents such as nitrogen-rich urea and guanine is what helps with keeping moisture in your skin and making the face look brighter. They sterilize the poop by using UV light. Nightingale Droppings normally come in a powder form, by adding water it will turn to paste so it can easily be spread on the face. Guanine in Nightingale Droppings is what causes the natural bleaching action. Spread this on the face for a few minutes and wash it off, as simple as that.

I would have never thought that Nightingale poop would be such an amazing beauty tip for getting flawless skin.




When we first think of India we think of the bright bold colors, gorgeous outfits, Indian cuisine and hair. Being the second most populus country in the world, having 4,500 years of cultural history and of course Bollywood, India is most definitely an interesting country. When Willis and I started looking for beauty secrets from India, we found so many different tricks that it was hard to choose which ones to post. So we ended up choosing two that we found everyone could relate to.

Did you know that majority of hair extensions come from Indian woman, I learned this when I watched the movie “Good Hair”. Most Indian woman get blessed with long, thick and luxurious hair which most of us woman strive to achieve. Want to know how they achieve and maintain their hair? Coconut oil is most commonly used this however does not help with hair growth but it does keep the hair nourished, healthy and strong. Almond oil is another common oil used, this does help with hair growing longer quicker, keeps it healthy and looking shiny. Apply these oils all over the scalp, massaging these oil into the scalp helps with stimulating the sebaceous glands and stimulating the circulation of blood which in results to healthy growing hair. Results may vary with each hair type.








Fun Fact: The Sikh religion does not cut their hair because it represents beauty and strength and they encourage one to be at natural state.

Contradictory to obtaining Indian hair, most Indians do spend time trying to get rid of their hair because it is thick, coarse and dark. Here are some techniques that Indian woman use for unwanted hair. Threading, Indians have been using this technique for hundred of years. This is done by pulling a twisted 100% cotton thread along the surface of the skin where the unwanted hair is, the thread pulls unwanted hair out of its follicle. I definitely recommend this since there are no chemicals used and it leaves a smooth surface however it is painful but so is waxing. A second technique is Sugaring, this is very similar to wax but the ingredients used is natural using sugar, honey and lemon juice. My mom used to make this, I personally liked the smell of it and it was fun making it with her. She would spread it with a popsicle stick, place a muslin strip and pull it in one quick motion. Lastly, Turmeric was used to remove unwanted hair in ancient India. A paste is made by adding Turmeric and basin paste together, the paste is rubbed on unwanted hair and with regular use the hair becomes less noticeable.







Now that you’ve learned about some beauty tips from India, go try them!

Tootles till next time,


Alberto Seveso

Randomly today I was surfing the net and ran into Alberta Seveso’s work, I don’t know if you guys have heard of him but I certainty have not. I was looking through his photos and thought this was so unique and interesting. The designs are very colorful and the best part of it is that you are getting two pieces of art in one photo. However, I don’t know how Jean Kilbourne would feel about this, it is objectifying the human body. I do very much like the concept of these photos. I dont know why I havent heard of him because work has been used in the Coolpix advertisements and has graced the cover of ESPN Magazine.

Born in Milan and now living in Rome, Alberta Seveso does not have any formal training nor does he have a degree, his love for creating these pieces of art developed on his own. The illustrator and graphic designer first began with Amiga 1200 and Delux Paint he was then introduced to Photoshop and has been using it ever since. On his website he keeps his biography short but definitely check it out. http://www.burdu976.com

Here take a look at some of his work. Enjoy!

Elma 🙂

Extend what?

Eyelash extensions have become the new trend, getting incredibly popular now. They originated in Japan in the 1990s by the 2000s celebrities were wearing them and salons were selling them. Now eyelash extensions are worn by many women from celebrities to the average everyday woman.

They are not fake eyelashes its hair extensions for your eyelashes. Basically, they individually apply each lash to your existing lash with surgical grade super glue. The eyelash extensions come in a variety of sizes, thickness and colors even blue! The glue is waterproof so you can wash your face, shower and even go swimming. The eyelashes normally last anywhere from 2- 12 weeks, this is based on your hair growth cycle. It is recommended to get your lashes retouched every 2-3 weeks to keep it looking full because it can start looking patchy. Only if they could last forever, sigh…..

Eyebrow extension is similar to eyelash extension because just like the eyelash extension the hair is applied to the existing hair. Unfortunately the eyebrow extension only lasts about 14 days and costs anywhere from $300-$400 so it’s up to you if you think it’s worth it.

Eyelash and Eyebrow extensions should be applied by a trained technician since the glue that is used has the same ingredient that doctors use to close wounds. So make sure you are careful and in the hands of someone skilled.

However, they do have eyelash and eyebrow extension kits. I wouldn’t trust myself with glue that strong. I would stick to a trained professional.

Part 2

Okay so few days ago we looked at famous fashion photographers in the decades 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Today we’re going to mention photographers from the decades of 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. We found these photographers interesting, people that are worth mentioning. So here we go.

Herb Ritts mostly concentrated on black and white photograpy, his career began in the 1970s but by the 1980s, his reputation grew. Ritts photography covered the pages of Vanity Fair, Vogue, Rolling Stone and he also worked with popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Versace, Chanel and many more. His photographs are exquisite and in my opinion I find them to be masculine with clean lines. Unfortunately he passed away in 2002 but his existing photographs will live on.

David La Chapelle is a surrealist photographer, he is known for his bizarre photos and not the typical fashion photography. He became popular in the 1990s and was shooting for the top editorial publications in the world. We enjoy his work, they are definitely very entertaining photos. He continues to work today but expanding to filming and producing with artists such as Nikki Minaj.

Raya was born in Israel and now is living in New York. When she lived in Paris for about 10 years she worked for many known publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Dansk, etc. She is known for creating stories in her photography and also capturing the true emotion of the shot. In 2000s she was known worldwide and is definitely still continuing her career in photography, she someone to watch out for.

1980s, 1990s and 2000s had some pretty amazing photographers and it was so incredibly hard to choose but I based this purely on mine and Willis’s own personal opinion. The thing with photography, fashion and makeup is that you can be artistically creative theres no right or wrong, its always changing and how can one person determine that photographers are better than the other. It’s all about peferences, I’m sure by tomorrow we’ll find another favorite fashion photographer. 🙂

Fashion Photographers Part 1

Fashion, makeup and photography is always changing, it is sometimes hard to keep up. Without fashion there would be no fashion photography without makeup the entire look would not be complete. All three elements create successful photoshoots and have created some of the most famous photographs. They allow you to be creative in three different ways but in the end it all comes together in harmony.

Throughout the decades there have been some of the most influential fashion photographers. I looked at three decades 1950, 1960 and 1970 and found three photographers that in my opinion were interesting.

Henry Clarke, was a famous fashion photographer in the 1950s and 1960s specializing in Haute Couture. He worked for Vogue Magazine creating the most elegant, mysterious, seductive and magical photographs.







David Bailey, a english photographer in the 1960s captured high fashion and celebrities covering the pages of Vogue and other advertisements. His photographers were unique and told a story. His ability to capture free expression is what made him so famous.








Helmut Newton, Berlin born fashion photographer was known for shooting at expensive hotels or on the streets of Europe in the 1970s. His photographs were often nude, some may say he was a woman hater and androgynous but he did create some chic photographers.




Three great photographers in 1950, 1960 and 1970. I believe these photographers definitely helped shaped fashion photography and opened the doors to not so conventional photographs.

Part 2 continued….