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Pyramids, monuments, Cleopatra, and Nile River are some of the things I think about when I think of Egypt. Egypt is one of the oldest civiliations in the world going back to 3100 BC. Full of visual beauty and history, Egypt is definitely a country that you can never forget.

Beauty has been a big part of the Egyptian culture by looking at historical evidence. You see many images of the Egyptian people with perfect hair, dark eyes and beautiful clothing. They were definitely credited for their beauty rituals. However, this was not only used to look beautiful, it was a way to protect themselves from the climate which consisted of harsh sun. They used many types of oils, scrubs, makeup and perfumes to protect themselves. Cleanliness was very important, having hair in unnecessary areas considered to be unclean and a sign of impurity.

Egyptians are known for using body scrubs which helps to fully clean the body of any access dirt, dried skin and oils. A scrub made out of honey, natron (you can also use baking soda) and Eygptian salt (bath salts or Dead Sea salt) are added together to create a paste. The paste is then rubbed into the body and now you should have nice exfoliated skin!

I’ve loved that almond eye that ancient Eyptians created, now it has evolved into many different makeup looks. I was wondering what they used before such products like MAC charcol eyeliner was created. They used Kohl which, is a mixture of soot and galena. Red ochre was what they used to tint their lips and cheeks, this was a naturally tinted clay. The more makup you had on meant that you were of higher status.









Willis and I feel like watching Cleopatra now. So tootles till next time!

Elma & Willis



Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of my dream go to destinations. The culture is what intrigues me because it is so beautiful and rich, I always think of all the gold they wear. Thailand means the land of free or smiles because they are known for their smiles and they greet people being endearing and loving.  I definitely wouldn’t mind feeling loved! 🙂

Over 90% of Thailand practice Buddhism, they believe that every individual has several lives each depicted by their previous past lives. You could say Karma. I respect how they believe in compassion, selfishness and love. There purpose is to eliminate all desire which is known as Nirvana meaning that you are completely one with his or her surroundings.

The traditional costume that Thai people wear is normally a rich silk fabric that is properly tailored. The always look so neat and put together, not only do they look gorgeous but the food looks just as gorgeous as how the people look!








So I found two regimes that Thai people use to get that healthy glowing skin. I would like to stress that I love natural products and I find they work really well. Most products out there are full of chemicals, which I’m not going to lie, scare me.

Anyways, the first one that I’m going mention is Lemon grass. This is a great way to open your pores and get rid of any oil and dirt on your face. Grab a pot and boil the lemon grass in water, after this has been boiled place a towel over your head. The towel will hang over the head making sure the steam does not escape. It’s like sauna for your face.

The second is very simple, all you do is cut a papaya and scrub your face with the cut fruit. This will nourish the skin making it look healthy and brighter.

So there ya go! Enjoy some Thailand beauty secrets.





It is so beautiful when Japanese women dress up in their traditional clothing, the makeup looks so soft and angelic, and their kimonos are so colorful full of beautiful flower designs. Did you know that there are two types of Kimonos? Tomesode is worn by married woman and Furisode is worn by unmarried women. Tomesode do not have designs above the waistline and Furisode have extremely long sleeves. Geisha girls also come in my mind when thinking about Japan from watching the movie “Geisha” (great movie by the way). They are known for being graceful and beautiful performers.

I remember watching The Oprah Winfrey show one day and a woman from Japan was a guest. She was talking about what beauty regimes are often used in Japan. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but native Japanese woman have the smoothest skin. Do you want to know how to get flawless skin used by Japanese women?

Nightingale Droppings, yes it is poop but the acting agents such as nitrogen-rich urea and guanine is what helps with keeping moisture in your skin and making the face look brighter. They sterilize the poop by using UV light. Nightingale Droppings normally come in a powder form, by adding water it will turn to paste so it can easily be spread on the face. Guanine in Nightingale Droppings is what causes the natural bleaching action. Spread this on the face for a few minutes and wash it off, as simple as that.

I would have never thought that Nightingale poop would be such an amazing beauty tip for getting flawless skin.



Extend what?

Eyelash extensions have become the new trend, getting incredibly popular now. They originated in Japan in the 1990s by the 2000s celebrities were wearing them and salons were selling them. Now eyelash extensions are worn by many women from celebrities to the average everyday woman.

They are not fake eyelashes its hair extensions for your eyelashes. Basically, they individually apply each lash to your existing lash with surgical grade super glue. The eyelash extensions come in a variety of sizes, thickness and colors even blue! The glue is waterproof so you can wash your face, shower and even go swimming. The eyelashes normally last anywhere from 2- 12 weeks, this is based on your hair growth cycle. It is recommended to get your lashes retouched every 2-3 weeks to keep it looking full because it can start looking patchy. Only if they could last forever, sigh…..

Eyebrow extension is similar to eyelash extension because just like the eyelash extension the hair is applied to the existing hair. Unfortunately the eyebrow extension only lasts about 14 days and costs anywhere from $300-$400 so it’s up to you if you think it’s worth it.

Eyelash and Eyebrow extensions should be applied by a trained technician since the glue that is used has the same ingredient that doctors use to close wounds. So make sure you are careful and in the hands of someone skilled.

However, they do have eyelash and eyebrow extension kits. I wouldn’t trust myself with glue that strong. I would stick to a trained professional.

Fashion Photographers Part 1

Fashion, makeup and photography is always changing, it is sometimes hard to keep up. Without fashion there would be no fashion photography without makeup the entire look would not be complete. All three elements create successful photoshoots and have created some of the most famous photographs. They allow you to be creative in three different ways but in the end it all comes together in harmony.

Throughout the decades there have been some of the most influential fashion photographers. I looked at three decades 1950, 1960 and 1970 and found three photographers that in my opinion were interesting.

Henry Clarke, was a famous fashion photographer in the 1950s and 1960s specializing in Haute Couture. He worked for Vogue Magazine creating the most elegant, mysterious, seductive and magical photographs.







David Bailey, a english photographer in the 1960s captured high fashion and celebrities covering the pages of Vogue and other advertisements. His photographers were unique and told a story. His ability to capture free expression is what made him so famous.








Helmut Newton, Berlin born fashion photographer was known for shooting at expensive hotels or on the streets of Europe in the 1970s. His photographs were often nude, some may say he was a woman hater and androgynous but he did create some chic photographers.




Three great photographers in 1950, 1960 and 1970. I believe these photographers definitely helped shaped fashion photography and opened the doors to not so conventional photographs.

Part 2 continued….

Fall/Winter Favorites

The weather out there is getting cold, time to bundle up and refresh your makeup with some fall/winter dos.

A red lip is a classic look, you can never go wrong with this. The best way to a red lip is to keep it matte, using a lip liner all over the lip will do the job. For some reason when I think of a red lip I think of winter, maybe because the snow and the whiteness of winter always makes the red lip pop! If pure red is not your color try a berry red definitely gives a vampy look.

The natural look is great, you want to keep it simple where you can accentuate your natural beauty. To create this look you want to lightly cover your face with foundation/concealer and set the makeup with a powdered foundation. Blush, I think light pink or peachy tones is always a nice natural look. Mascara for the eyelashes and some lip balm would complete this look.

Brows is what shapes the face and having a good brow is essential to creating many beautiful looks. Having very thin eyebrows is definitely a don’t in my opinion. Thick eyebrows are the new trend in 2012. Don’t over tweeze! If you do have any empty spots, want to make them thicker, or shape them to exactly what you want, color them in with either brow shadow or pencil. Light strokes following the hair growth will make it look natural.

The cat eye! it’s all about clean lines no smudging the eye liner. Liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner always work best for this look.

Twiggy inspired eyelashes, if you don’t know who Twiggy is definitely Google her, she was a famous model back in the 60s. She created the spider eyelashes, where your eyelashes clump together. This is created by using a few coates of mascara and clumpy your eyelashes together.

Try these looks, have fun with your makeup and be creative!

Camera Ready!

Want to look good in pictures. Here are a few tips I use when I know I will be getting my picture taken. You want to make sure you have a little bit more makeup on than usual, since on camera it does not show as much.

You probably notice sometimes your face does not match your neck, that’s because the makeup on your face reflects off the camera light. First, you want to cover the face with face primer this helps with smoothing the face and creating a good base. After adding the primer, cover the face with your foundation or whatever works best for you, make sure to also blend this to your neck. Finally, set the makeup with powder this helps with making the foundation last through out the day.

Want your cheeks bones to pop out, well all you have to do is add a dark blush or darker foundation underneath your cheekbones. You know when you make that fishy face or pout your lip that’s exactly where you want to add the darker contouring blush/foundation/concealer, make sure to blend this in to your face.

Do you ever notice when your nose does not look the way you want it to in pictures, I always notice that in my pictures. Well there is a temporary solution without getting surgery done. On both sides of your nose add a darker shade of powder/foundation down the nose and underneath the nose tip to create a definer nose. With a lighter shade of makeup, you can use a light shade of foundation/concealer or I even use white eyeshadow, add a line down the top of your nose. Make sure to blend.

Your eyes and lips are all up to you, be creative and remember to use more than usual to really make it show in your pictures. Hope these tips helped!